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1 06 2008

I haven’t talked about Boris yet, but I will.

One of his first and most public changes has been to ban drinking or carrying open containers of alcohol on the tubes, buses, trams and DLR.  Finally, some civility being brought to our public transport; it’s just a shame this sort of thing has to be dictated and enforced.  Left to our own devices we’ve an antisocial, disrespectful and drunken lot.  While this won’t stop people being drunk on the tubes (anyone else travel on the Stockwell-Brixton section of the Northern Line on a Friday or Saturday night?), maybe removing the open can of Stella will remove some of the psychological licence to act like a prat?

On the continent you don’t, generally, drink out in public, let alone on the trains or buses and while this alone won’t fix the British disposition to abuse of alcohol, it does help to establish the principle that self-control is compatible with (public) civilised society; that the ‘freedom’ to deliberately become paralytic and defer responsibility to alcohol impinges on other peoples’ liberty to not be harrassed and intimidated.

Last night there was a final ‘bash’ on the tubes to mourn the passing of the ‘free’ country and whipped up by blogs such as Going Underground, which isn’t exactly a fan of Boris.  Perhaps those revellers should spend less time drunk on tiny claustrophobic overcrowded underground trains complaining about the banning of something that should be an intelligent person’s considered behaviour anyway and more time worrying about the ID card-demanding surveillance society we’re sleep-staggering into.




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1 06 2008

So how far do you think this ban should go? Should it be extended to National Rail, I’m against the ban, not because I usually drink on the tube but I do like to have some beers when I’m travelling long distances on the train (over 3 hours), I’ve never caused trouble on the trains and I’m worried the actions of a small minority will be the excuse for the ban to spread to the intercity network.

I’ve never had a problem with people drinking on public transport if they’re minding their own business and not causing any hassle. Why should someone else stop someone having a cold beer after a stressful day in the office?

Yes, some people will abuse the situation but this ban will have no effect on them. They’ll most likely just get drunk before boarding and will probably flout the ban anyway. We already have laws in place to tackle anti-social behaviour which those causing trouble should be prosecuted under rather than outright banning something.

2 06 2008
Lady Banana

I was listening to LBC radio this morning for a short time and they had a guy wandering around on the underground with what appeared to be a bottle of beer and not a single person approached him.

He stood near to LT staff (and I think transport police) yawning loudly to gently try to attract attention to himself but still nothing!

I didn’t hear the end of the show but it doesn’t look like staff are going to be very quick off the mark in enforcing this ban..

5 06 2008

Should be extended to National Rail especially on a Saturday – drink fuelled revellers (whether their team won or not) are very intimidating.

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